Exercise For The Mind

27 Jun

Meditation is not some mysterious hocus-pocus that only religious mystics use

Meditation is for everyone-especially people seeking to heal the physical ailments, improve their lifestyle or just energized, more optimistic and better overall.

Meditation is exercise for the mind. Just as regular physical exercise improve our bodies, the benefit of meditation multiply the more we use it and the more we explore its incredible healing powers.

If you’d like to get started meditating but don’t know how, here’s a useful basic exercise for beginners. There are countless books, tapes, and groups that teach more advanced methods.

The first problem most people encounter is their own minds. They have trouble shutting off the constan “chattering of the mind”, which makes many feel they’ll never be able to mediate. Not so.

  1. Start by loosening any tight clothing or belts and removing your shoes.
  2. Get comfortable in a chair or by sitting upright on the floor. Don’t lie down. You might doze off.
  3. Rool your nect or shrug your shoulders so that you are less tense and more relaxed.
  4. Rest your hands in your lap and close your eyes.
  5. Take three deep breaths.
  6. Exhale slowly, and each time you do, try to shut down your thoughts and let your mind ease into a dark, quiet and peaceful void.
  7. Continue breathing slowly and naturally. Breathe in throught your mouth and out through your nostrils.
  8. Focus on your bhreathing and nothing else. Ride with it as your breathing carries you along deeper and deeper into a more relaxed and peaceful state.
  9. It might help to count “ONE” when you inhale and “TWO” on the exhale. Let each number completely fill your mind.

Most beginners find their thoughts start to wander, but that’s normal. Don’t worry about it. Just recognize that your mind is wandering and calmly return to counting.

Once you’ve become comfortable with the process and know you’re sinking deeper into the meditative state, is when you can voice your inner intentions. ”I am healing this condition,” for example.

Start visualizing the solution or positive outcome to peace and quiet and feel yourself being rejuvenated. This is where a little advanced training is helpful.

Start with a 10-minute session and work your way up to 20 minutes per day. As you become more proficient, you may want to meditate longer; or shorter sessions may suit you needs. Be flexible. [hello 215]

hocus pocus: kata-kata atau tingkah laku yang digunakan untuk tipu daya
ailments: penyakit
overall: keseluruhan
doze off: tertidur
shrug: mengangkat bahu untuk menunjukkan tidak tahu
lap: pengakuan
visualizing: membayangkan
rejuvenated: menjadi muda kembali
seeking: mencari, mencoba
incredibel: tak masuk akal
countless: tak terbilang, banyak
encounter: menjumpai
belts: sabuk, ikat pinggang
exhale: kesehatan luar
nosthrils: lubang hidung
wander: mengembara, berkelana
recognize: mengenali, mengakui
calmly: dengan tenang
concerned: mengenai, urusan, hubungan
proficient: cakap, pandai
hale: sehat

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