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16 Des

Barangkali ini berguna untuk para pria yang ingin melatih otot. Jika membutuhkan, ini ada kamus online 🙂 untuk mengikuti artikel berikut.

Tentu saja aku sendiri tidak ingin punya body kayak Ade Rai he..he..he.. cuma lagi pengin belajar bahasa Inggris aja makanya ku-posting ini.

ade rai

How to Gain Muscle Fast

Adding muscle seems to be a real mystery to most. But who doesn’t wanna be an Ade Ray or Mr. Universe? Basically all guys dream of being like those muscular figures.

Even thought building principles that can be a challenge, there are some very specific principles that can pack on the muscle faster than you can think. No, steroids were not involved. Never use steroids, andro or any other “dangerous” supplement. Don’t use Creatine, it only made you a very angry person.

In order to add muscle tissue you must force the body to add it. Your body won’t just add a kilo of muscle just because you followed a three-set workout that you read about in a magazine. You need to give the body a reason to make improvements in this case add muscle tissue.

You have to provide what is called ‘stimulus’. This can be done in many ways. Basically, you need to force the body to add muscle by subjecting to levels of stress it is not used to. Some methods are more obvious than others but all can work. According to personal trainer, nutritionist, and best-selling fitness author Jesse Cannone, here are a few examples of how this can be done effectively.

First, the basic and common methods:
1. Increase weight or resistance
2. Perform more repetitions
3. Perform more sets
4. Move the resistance slower
5. Rest less between sets and exercises

Now for the more advanced methods:

  1. Pre-exhaust (perform an isolation exercise first and immediately continue with on rest on a compound movement. ex. chest flye and them chest press)
  2. Static holds (hold the resistance in the hardest position of the range of motion. ex. the top position during a leg extension)
  3. Partial reps in weak range (perform a portion of the rep where you are weakest. ex. the top half of a rep of leg extensions)
  4. Strip-set (after a warm-up set, perform 3 sets back to back with no rest while starting with the heaviest weight possible and each time strip off some weight to allow you to continue)
  5. 1 1/2 reps (perform one full per and them on the second per only perform half the normal range of motion and then return to starting position to begin the next repetition. For example, one full rep of lat pulldowns, pull second rep all the way down, resist weight back up but only half way and them pull back down)

These are just a few examples of methods of increasing intensity to ensure progress. The key point to remember is that whatever you do it must be progressive in order for it to elicit a physical change. This is even more critical for those looking to add muscle size.

Although this article is geared towards individuals who are interested in gaining muscle size, the principles can also be used for individuals who want to build strength, increase metabolism, or tighten and tone muscles.

Here are some general recommendations for different goals:

If your goal is to tighten and tone muscles:

  • Focus on increasing reps, decreasing rest, and changing exercises frequently
  • Train each muscle group twice per week
  • Perform fewer sets of many different exercises (1-2 sets per exercises)

If your goal is to increas strength and power:

  • Focus on increasing weight
  • Train each muscle group once every 7-10 days
  • Perform multiple sets of each exercise (2-5 sets per exercise)

If your goal is to increase muscle size:

  • Focus on shocking muscles by changing variables frequently (exercises, set and rep schemes, rest time, etc)
  • Train each muscle group on a variable schedule (experiment by training a muscle group 3 times a week and then once every ten days)<
  • Perform multiple sets for a while and the perform single sets for a week or two

Some final reminders:

The recommendations above are general and of course would need to be adapted and adjusted for your personal goals and experience. For those of you who are advanced and may be thinking there’s no way you can build strength by training once every 10 days we challenge you to try it for at least 4 weeks, or those of you who think that you need to stick to the same basic movements like bench to build size we challenge you to try shocking the muscles by changing the exercises you perform each week for 4 weeks. Stop when you feel you start hurting yourself. Hurting yourself is pointless and is not what weightlifting and bodybuilding are about. It’s good and very recommendable if you’ve got a sport consultant or trainer around. And don’t forget, do enough warm-ups before starting it out. Happy exercising, dude! And be sure that your healt is the priority you should take, because getting muscular is nothing if you don’t feel physically OK. [hello 228]

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